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‘Put article title here’ has to be Quora. Quora is basically a platform where people can ask questions and answers those posted by others. This feature was once part of Linkedin but for some weird reason Linkedin has decided to remove it.

The quality of questions and answers on Quora has pretty much blown me away. There are also a few famous people answering questions as well. For those who thrive on knowledge this IS the social network to spend time on (and get rid of facebook addiction).

For finance enthusiasts I have found a few good Q/A threads which I am listing below.

Where can web startups learn about financial modeling that accounts for the important metrics and costs?

What are the best practices when modelling in Excel?

What should everyone know about investing?

What should everyone know about mergers and acquisitions?

How does one avoid blowups in (deep) value investing?


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Learning straight from the leading experts of the world

Note: Only people with IQ above 150 can understand this post

Do you have a question on equity valuation, emerging markets, game theory, presentation designing or anything else? If yes then this post is for you.

The method we most often use to get our questions answered is to ‘google’ the question. And why not? Mr. Google seems to know everything. However, one common problem with Google is differentiating between “Signal and Noise”. Try searching for proper bodybuilding diet and you will find 100 different guys giving 100 different opinions. How are we supposed to know which one is correct? Go no carbs, high protein or the starvation diet?

Here is a very complicated and difficult approach (of course if you want better quality you need to work hard!!!) I have employed to get very specific answers. It involves the following complex steps

1. Find out your expert (e.g. Damodaran for valuation, Mark Mobius for emerging markets, Ariel Rubenstein for game theory and Nancy Duarte for Presentation Designing)

2. Find out their email address from their personal blog/website

3. Email them with your question and wait for your answer

So why would these guys reply to a nobody like me or you? It is simply because they are super passionate about what they do. They want people to learn about these subjects. It is not just about money for them. Neither should it be for you.

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