The difficult job of assessing governments

Assessing the performance of an employee is not the most difficult job (caveats exist!!!) in the world despite the subjective judgments involved. Nevertheless, I find that in Bangladesh (and possibly the world) top management and HR often fails in awarding the good performers and penalizing the bad ones. Rather, either nepotism wins or employees are promoted by ‘socialism’ which usually means that age determines position and rank.

When we extend the challenge to analyzing companies, it becomes slightly more difficult. However, it’s still quite doable by using a number or relative (benchmarking against key competitors) and absolute (Total shareholder returns, RoIC, Profit growth etc) metrics.

The toughest of these all is assessing the performance of a government in my view. The challenges actually start from the very basic level as we are still not sure if GDP growth is the single best indicator of economic progress. On top of that consider that, calculation methodologies and data collection ability also differs greatly between countries. Morten Jerven has done some great work on GDP calculation of African economies that highlights this challenge.


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