What makes people happy?

Father & daughter enjoying a priceless moment at Saint Martin’s Island

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I have asked this question to a number of  Bangladeshi people and got some fascinating replies. The factor that kept on repeating itself over and over again was family. It shows how important social connections mean to us.

Interestingly, almost no one mentioned wealth or money as the factor that makes them happy. However, most of the respondents would probably fall in the top-tier of the income pyramid of the country and thus wealth ‘may’ not very important from them.

So here goes the list in no particular order.

  1. Music!!
  2. Finding an empty seat in the local bus
  3. When I can wrap my blanket and lie in my soft bed in the middle of chilling winter season
  4. Sweet sound from the car exhaust and quick engine response
  5. Thursday evening !!!
  6. A weekend with no office phone calls or task!!!
  7. Stargazing.
  8. Helping people and seeing the gratitude in their eyes
  9. Winning.
  10. A rational conversation.
  11. When a Bangladeshi makes a global news
  12. My parent’s smile and my incentives makes me happy….:)
  13. Text messages from my office during strikes/blockades, saying office would remain closed
  14. My parent’s happiness and health 🙂
  15. When mom exaggerates to others on something I have done and which makes her proud of me! 🙂
  16. When a complete stranger appreciates something I have done. That is sheer happiness to me.
  17. Honesty, positive criticism and appreciation
  18. When my parents are happy and spending time in peace, tranquility and serenity near the ocean.
  19. Food!!!
  20. Helping the unfortunates and praying to ALLAH makes me happy..
  21. Being able to prove yes I’m strong enough and be a winner …
  22. When I do something that everyone likes and appreciates!!
  23. Being around people I am comfortable with.
  24. Star Wars
  25. Success
  26. When I see my writings get published in international journals / newspaper.
  27. Whenever I enjoy something
  28. Making my parents proud of me
  29. Watching Bangladesh cricket team winning
  30. Good food and postponed exams.
  31. Recognition
  32. Smile from dear ones.:)
  33. Traveling with friends and family
  34. Freedom
  35. Wish transforms into reality!
  36. Love & respect
  37. Making a difference in the lives of others
  38. Maintaining a simple life.
  39. A cup of coffee a readers couch and a book that has that old rustic smells
  40. When my surrounding people are happy…
  41. Friday
  42. When Kohli scores a duck, so my happy moments are pretty rare these days!
  43. When become able to share joy with the person whom i care most.
  44. Seeing healthy and happy dear ones!
  45. An innocent smile of a baby
  46. Compliments…
  47. Making others happy.
  48. Good relationship with (extended) family members, having friends whom I can truly depend on, exotic food, financial freedom and having an active plan to explore the whole world in this lifetime.
  49. When got recognized for any tough work .
  50. Smiling Face of others
  51. Qurrata A’yun makes me happy…
  52. Happy Parents!
  53. Knowing that I have made my loved ones happy and proud
  54. Every action I perform makes me happy; everything we do is in the pursuit of happiness.
  55. Fuchka (A local delicacy)
  56. Being the reason for someone’s smile.
  57. Being appreciated for my unconditional help
  58. MONEY…with this I can do/buy anything I want. I can buy happiness of others; I can also make others happy
  59. Power, in all forms.
  60. Appreciation, comfort, peace.
  61. Loosing Weight
  62. Peace
  63. Achievements. In any form!
  64. A holiday in the middle of a work week
  65. Books, namaj and self-satisfaction
  66. Acknowledgement
  67. Everything around me! 🙂
  68. When stock market and stock prices move congruently with my analysis
  69. Being optimistic about future…
  70. Food, money, love and good grades
  71. My little sister
  72. Haters, because they want to be what you are.
  73. When I buy Gifts for my parents and little sister…
  74. My daughter
  75. Being able to help people with an absolute intention to please Allah.
  76. A little smile on my parents’ faces!
  77. Getting relief from any kind of tension!
  78. Exploring something new, doing regular staffs in a different way, and getting the things I am starving for.
  79. Making my parents proud of me ,simply spending time with my partner and the feeling that my work means something.
  80. Achievement or Success for my hard-work!
  81. Doing something that will get me closer to Jannat!
  82. Making other people happy.
  83. Good food
  84. When my parents smile for me.
  85. Peace
  86. Friday and Saturday
  87. Visiting the village once in a while
  88. Salary
  89. A secured life
  90. When I can pray five time on time
  91. Holidays
  92. Watching the color of the sky change and know that you are free! Nothing like freedom!!!!
  93. Money
  94. That perfect Smile on the face of my close people
  95. My family
  96. Family
  97. By making others happy :)))
  98. Make others happy
  99. Being in pure silence
  100. Success
  101. Anything that doesn’t make me unhappy…..
  102. To provide my level best to make the world a better place
  103. Authority blended with power, peace, money and a proper work-life balance!
  104. Family & Friends….
  105. A secured life!
  106. Make parents smile
  107. Freedom. Freedom to go where ever I want to go, do whatever i want to do.
  108. Playing fifa
  109. Being able to make someone smile in the worst of time makes me happy.
  110. When my mom keep his hand on my head and say ” baba, aro boro hou ” (son be a great person)
  111. Practical dreams/ desires that become true.
  112. To make someone smile
  113. Challenges
  114. Reading a good book/ watching a good movie makes me happy!
  115. When someone praise and tell….”well done”…

These are the things that is making others happy. What is making you happy?

Asif Khan, CFA

Asif Khan is presently a Research Analyst (Financial Sector) for Exotix which is a frontier market focused investment bank. He has more than 6 years of work experience as equity analyst in both buy and sell side roles across Asian frontier markets. Asif is a CFA Charterholder and has a dual major in Finance & Economics from North South University.

5 thoughts on “What makes people happy?

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_national_happiness

    The term “gross national happiness” was coined in 1972 by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who opened Bhutan to the age of modernization soon after the demise of his father, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. He used this phrase to signal his commitment to building an economy that would serve Bhutan’s unique culture based on Buddhist spiritual values. At first offered as a casual, offhand remark, the concept was taken seriously, as the Centre for Bhutan Studies, under the leadership of Karma Ura, developed a sophisticated survey instrument to measure the population’s general level of well-being.[1] Two Canadians, Michael and Martha Pennock played a major role in developing the Bhutanese survey, which took a six to seven-hour interview to complete. They developed a shorter international version of the survey which has been used in their home region of Victoria BC as well as in Brazil. The Pennocks also collaborated with Ura in the production of a policy lens which is used by the Bhutanese GNH Commission for anticipating the impact of policy initiatives upon the levels of GNH in Bhutan[2]

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